6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

Developing Android apps is a very rewarding job. Seeing how your creations are used and appreciated by thousands of Android users definitely will be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the road to becoming top Android developers is far from easy. There are millions of apps out there so it will be very hard to have your apps noticed by the users. If you are serious about building your career as a respected Android developer, here are some tips that can help you build your Android development skills.

Keep Up with the Trends but Think Out of the Box

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

As an apps developer, you should not only learn how to code. You also should find out about the latest trends and what users expect from an Android app nowadays. This is very important because creating an app that nobody likes definitely is a waste of your great talent and skill. Following the trend is a must because it is the most effective way to create Android apps that appeal to the public. However, you also should be able to think out of the box so your apps can stand out from the competitions.

Put User Security as One of Your Priorities

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

When you are developing an Android app, you must take the users’ security into consideration. Find out how hackers and security flaws usually affect the user’s data and make sure your app doesn’t pose a threat to the security of users of your apps. Limit the number of permissions your app needs to improve the security of your app. Furthermore, don’t forget to always follow Android’s best practices which are designed to protect the security of users.

Read More Codes

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

It is okay to focus on your work and use codes that you have mastered. However, you will not go anywhere as a developer if you only dwell on what you already know. As a developer, it is very important to always improve your skills by reading Android PDF courses and even see how the other developers work. Take a look at some open source apps and then learn the code, find out how the developers of that apps work. There are so many great things to learn out there so make sure to use every opportunity as a chance to learn new things.

Testing Is Important

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

When you test your apps, don’t use emulators because it doesn’t give the right image of how the app works on a real smartphone. Furthermore, it is always best to test the app on a low-end device because this is where the apps could have some issues.

Develop Apps that Work with Multiple Devices

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

One of the biggest challenges of developing apps for Android is there are myriads of different Android devices out there. As a result, what might work on one Android device could fall short in the others. Of course, it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to test your apps on all Android devices under the sun.

But there is one thing that you can do to make sure your app works on most Android devices. It is consistency. Instead of pixels, it will be best to use dip (density independent pixels). While there are some shortcomings about the dip, it is great for Android because it can easily adjust to the size of the user’s phone. As a result, no matter what the device is, the users can use your apps conveniently.

Listen to What the Users Say

6 Great Tips To Improve Your Android Development Skills

You are developing apps for users, to give them a great experience when using their Android smartphone. So, you definitely need to listen to their feedback. You are not going to hear nice comments every single time, especially if you deal with pissed users who are disappointed with your apps. However, listening to what the users say is a great way to improve. Besides, you also can use their feedback to make your apps more perfect, or even as an idea for your next applications.

Being a successful Android developer is certainly not easy. But let’s not forget the fact that Android users keep increasing every year so, the Android apps market will always have more room for new creative developers. If you are persistent, keep improving your skill and always keep your eye open for the new trend and what the users want, the road to be a successful Android developer will be very smooth.

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