Things To Consider When Buying A Phone

Everyday people buys phone globally in all countries which can be used for special purposes depending on what you actually wanna use it for, however people buys phone anyhow and anytime and end up saying the device didn’t suit them, because it’s not what they are looking for not knowing they are the one who made mistake when purchasing the phone, how? Because they didn’t look at the phone specifications or abilities of the phone before purchasing it in the market, all they look is the size of the phone, they all think THE BIGGER THE SIZE THE BIGGER THE ABILITIES OF THE PHONE , phones of this days aren’t like that anymore because new phone products are introduced to the world day by day with different brands, sizes and many more. So today am gonna be telling you the things to consider when buying a phone.

Yeah, buying a new phone is a great news, but at the end you will at times end up buying one that it is more way lower to the one you were using before which is kind of annoying, so have u ever thought of the things to consider when buying a phone so as not for the mistakes to repeat it self, or have u ever thought about the phone that does all things don’t worry you came to the right place.

Things To Consider When Buying a Phone

Things To Consider When Buying A Phone

Here are the Things To Consider When Buying a Phone:

Battery Capacity
SIM Slot

OS (Operating System)

This is also known as the Phone Version this is one of the first things you should consider when you are about to purchase most especially an Android phone because, android phones of nowadays varies through their Android Version, and android versions of v6 (marshmallow), v7 (Nougat) , v8 (Oreo) they are newly updated ones and one getting great specs.


This is optional but it is also one of the things you should consider when buying a phone because it impacts great features to your mobiles and this are examples of best CPU Processors are: MediaTek


This is what I could recommend as one of the compulsory things you should consider when buying a phone because a phone with no Good camera is useless, because it won’t have a good megapixel to take cool shots at a special event or some place more cool than that, and phones with good mega pixel I could recommend for you is, Infinix Hot 6, Tecno Camon CX, And any other Samsung Products (Samsung products are developed with highly based cameras but with poor battery capacity)

Battery Capacity

This is also one of the compulsory things to consider when buying a phone, because phones without a good battery capacity makes it difficult to play online High graphics games and apart from that it users hardly play offline high graphics games, so I best recommend you to use phone of high battery capacity of 3000mAh and above, for you to enjoy it more well than you expect.


This states how your phone screen display resolution looks like and also state how long the device is which is measured in Inch, As for this it’s either Optional and Compulsory because for your screen resolution to be small doesn’t mean you don’t have a high battery capacity or high OS version, besides this depends on the manufacturers of the phone products, I’d advise you to get a phone of 5inch and above because it’s suitable for :

  • Watching Movies
  • Playing Games
  • Recording and Taking Pictures

And also

  • Large enough to use both fingers on phone screen

Recommend Screen Display inch is 5inch and above

Storage (Ram & Rom)

In a phone this is the parent category of Ram and Rom, this is also one of most compulsory things to consider when you want to buy new phone.


RAM also known as Random Access Memory. This part of your phone deals on your device speed, RAM works perfectly on any device depending on how large is it because THE LARGER THE FILE THE MORE YOUR DEVICE SPEEDS UP

Recommend Ram Size: 1gb and above


ROM (Read Only Memory) this part deals on your device internal storage, it stays in place of a memory card

Recommended ROM: –

SIM Slot

This part isn’t a problem it just talking on how you would like to insert you SIM and also talks on how many SIM your device accepts and tells the size the phone would like


Newly Devices of early 2018 came with a newly introduced mobile Network called 4G LTE.
4G LTE is the most fastest network all the way, suitable to browse on both desktop and mobile easily without any qualms depending on the area you are been settled

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